Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World

Kiwanis of Fredericton ($500) Leo Hayes High School Award Winners since 2002

This award goes to a graduating student who has made a significant, positive  contribution to the betterment of school and/or community and at the same time has demonstrated sound academic achievement.

1. The winner is expected to pursue further study at a community college, university or other post secondary institution commencing in the same calendar year as graduation from high school. The educational program selected must be subject to meeting the Federal Canada Student Loans (CSL) guidelines.

2. The method of selection and the final selection of the award winner is to be determined by the school principal or designate(s).

3. The winner is to be announced at the High School Graduation.
The winner is requested to convey to the Kiwanis Club of Fredericton an original copy of a receipt of payment of fees to the appropriate institution. At that time arrangements will  be made for the presentation of the $500 award. 

 Previous winners include: 

2002 – Vivien Zelazny

2006 – Melissa O’Neil

2003 – Jennifer Fitzpatrick

2007 – Marcus Hallett

2004 – Katherine Bramble

2008 – Ryan Dobbelsteyn

2005 – Andrew Mulherin

2009 – Nicolai Rigaux

2010 - Danielle Dupulisea

2011 - Katie Cunningham