Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World

History of the Fredericton Kiwanis Club

 The Kiwanis Club of Fredericton received its charter from the International body on December 5, 1944, electing W. Raymond Crewdson as their first Club President.

The Fredericton Kiwanis Club became very active in the community right from the beginning.  During the initial years and over time various activities took place, including the sponsoring of a Kiwanis Club in McAdam.  In the early years other activities included:


  • Christmas visits at a local polio clinic;
  • Funding of the “Make New Brunswick Sing Program.”  The “Make New Brunswick Sing Program” included the sponsorship of the Carriden Choir Concerts and various noted artists were brought in for the occasions.  Eventually the concert series were discontinued; however, the club still expresses an interest in such area by donating the Fletcher Peacock Memorial Scholarship at the New Brunswick Festival of Music each year;
  • During a period of time the club provided transportation for blind people in cooperation with CNIB;
  • The club has in the past been involved in conservation efforts, particularly in regards to cleaning up of the Corbett Brook located off the Vanier Highway;
  • Sponsored the Block Parent Program in Fredericton;
  • As a fund raising activity the club produced an annual Travel Logue series for over fifteen years;
  • Donations and support to other groups and organizations included Multiple Sclerosis Chapter, the CNIB, the YMCA, the Chinese Cultural Association, the United Way, the Rape Crisis Centre, CHIMO Help Line, Fredericton Emergency Shelters;
  • The club donated an overhead projector to the Victoria Public Hospital so that bedridden patients would be able to read books or watch films; 
  • In conjunction with the Fredericton School Board and the City Police Force.  The club bought and placed reflective tape on bicycles of school children to cut down on the number of injuries as a result of accidents between cars and bicycles;


The projects of the club, along with its’ fund raising activities have varied over the years, with emphasis being shifted as circumstances required.  The club has very often initiated courses and programs, and once such programs evolved and grown, the groups/organization assumed the responsibility for their own further development.


Year after year the Fredericton Kiwanis Club has remained active both in the local community, in Canada and around the world.  Some other notable projects, activities and events were:

  • 1950 – A benefit concert was held to aid Manitoba flood victims;
  • 1952 – On September 29, the Fredericton Kiwanis Club was incorporated under the New Brunswick Companies Act as a non-profit body;
  • 1959 – The club undertook what has been commonly called the, “Arbeau Project.”  Receiving donations from local hardware and building supply companies, the club spent many a day transforming a structure from a “shack” into a house where a mother and nine children had been living;
  • 1960’s – the club made a donation to the Marysville Swimming Pool with respect to its’ construction;
  • 1963 – The club organized the first class for mentally challenged children in Fredericton at the Murray F. Humes School.  The club operated and organized the school for approximately four years in conjunction with an organization then called, “The Canadian Association for Retarded Children.” now called “New Brunswick Association of Community Living.”  The club was also actively involved in the Law Amendments Committee concerning the education of mentally challenged persons.  No doubt the input of the Kiwanis Club Brief influenced the province of New Brunswick to assume total responsibility for the education of all mentally challenged persons in this province;
  • 1965 – Donated ice-time to the Minor Hockey Association;
  • 1967 – As a centennial Project, the club initiated a dental care program for underprivileged children, in co-operation with the Fredericton Dental Society, the Victorian Order of Nurses and other Social Services organizations.  In 1967 the club also arranged for the opening of a new children’s library in the basement of the Fredericton Library.  An engraved plague was presented to the Fredericton Kiwanis club in tribute to their work.  In conjunction with this project, a new bus shelter was erected by the Kiwanis Club in front of the Public Library.
  • 1968 – The Fredericton Kiwanis Club organized and sponsored the Big Brothers Program in co-operation with the Big Brothers Association of Canada.  It was the first of its kind to be undertaken by a service club with respect to sponsorship, and it is believed that it comprised the first extension of the Big Brothers Program into the Atlantic Provinces.
  • 1968 – The Fletcher Peacock – Walter McGinn Fredericton Music Festival Award was introduced.
  • 1970’s –Another activity of the club was the arrangement for speakers to the New Brunswick Central Reformatory in the Boy’s Industrial Homes department in an effort to benefit and rehabilitate the boys.  In 1970 the Club also sponsored a foster child, “Wong Wai Kay.”
  • 1976 – One of the major club projects was the Killarney Lake Project.  The club donated considerable time and effort in the establishment of Killarney Lake as a summer park, with the provisions of playground equipment and picnic tables.
  • 1981 – Made donations to Fredericton Minor Football Association, the Fredericton Youth Hockey Association, the Fredericton Ladies Ringette Association, Fredericton South Baseball Association, and the First Marysville Boy Scouts.  The Midget Baseball team sponsored by the Kiwanis Club that year won the league, district and provincial titles in its’ class.

The club members also provided their time as well as donations to children with learning disabilities, and in 1981 they provided tapes that would aid children with such disabilities to learn more effectively;

  • 1982 – Donated ice-time to the Fredericton Speed Skating Club.
  • 1992 – Fund raising began for the establishment of the Kiwanis House.
  • 1994 – Kiwanis launched its first Worldwide Service Project, a $75 million campaign in partnership with UNICEF to eliminate iodine deficiency disorders by the year 2000. Kiwanis Club of Fredericton was part of that campaign and was recognized for contributing over $20,000.
  • 1995 – The Kiwanis House was established on the grounds of the Stan Cassidy Rehab Centre.  The Kiwanis House is made up of three accessible units that operate as hostel units that families can stay in to be part of their family member’s rehabilitation.
  • 2001 – The First Annual More Than Martinis, a major fund raising event was introduced.
  • 2002 – The cheque for the final payment of the Kiwanis House mortgage was presented at the Stan Cassidy Rehab Center.
  • 2003 – Four club members were awarded Life Member Status.  The four members were Stan Price, Les Jackson, Vernon Scott, and Louis Levine.
  • 2004 – Fredericton Kiwanis Club celebrated its 60th Anniversary.
  • 2005 – Circle K Club, UNB Fredericton Campus was established.
  • 2006—We looked at ways to raise money for the cost of moving Kiwanis House to the new Stan Cassidy Centre.
  • 2007—Vincent Caseley was awarded Life Membership
  • 2010--Fredericton Kiwanis Club received the Distinguished Club Award. Burton Green was awarded the Mel Osbourne Award. Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas was presented with Honorary Membership.
  • 2011-- K-Kids was established at Priestman Street School.
  • 2012-- Kiwanians volunteered to work the Silent Auction that was
    part of an event that raised funds for the New Stan Cassidy Centre which is making plans to build a New Kiwanis House.